That Time I Accidentally Became a Zumba Instructor

I don’t know how this all happened so fast. The day after my birthday, I attended a Zumba class at my gym, as I have done on and off for a few years now (I checked; I first went in 2011). When class was over, the instructor commented that I really knew her routines, and I confessed that I had been considering becoming an instructor at some point in the future. She said that I should.

I made a post relating this story on Facebook. Apparently, that was a mistake.

Recently, I have been working with two women who run a women’s wellness center. I shot some videos for their website and attended Red Tent circles and other events there. Well, Carolyn from the center commented on my post and mentioned that they would love to have a Zumba instructor.

At first I kind of thought, “Haha, yeah, right. I have a toddler right now; the timing is not good.” And then, I kept thinking about it, and I realized that it was a bit like getting a job offer out of nowhere. And as I’m currently a stay-at-home-mom who hasn’t decided how she would like to re-enter the workforce, it became more appealing. So, I started talking to other instructors and getting information. It’s not technically hard to become a Zumba instructor. You need to sign up for and attend a one day workshop. Then, depending on where you live and where you’ll be working, you need to get insurance in case someone is injured in your class. And … that’s about it.

So, the list of reasons in my cons column was rapidly diminishing. Why not just go for it then? How many instructors come out of the workshop with a guaranteed place to work? No, seriously, how many? I have no idea. But it seems like a pretty good start.

I went ahead and signed up, since there was a training session close by the following month. “What?! Why does it have to be so soon?!” Ahem. And then when I mentioned it another business owner friend of mine … she asked me to teach there too.

…what happened to my life?! One minute I’m a SAHM, and the next I’m a Zumba instructor with two job offers?! How did this happen? I mean, I will still be a SAHM. It’s not like that’s going away. I would say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, but I hadn’t even gotten to that step yet! There really weren’t any solid plans! Maybe life is just kicking me in the butt? That could be. Sounds like my life.



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